Conférence de Valérie Choumet de l’Institut Pasteur sur de nouvelles méthodes pour lutter contre les maladies vectorielles

Colloque / Séminaire

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le 10 juin 2015 /

Le 10 juin à 14h30 à l’ENS de Lyon aura lieu une conférence soutenue par Ecofect, donnée par Valérie Choumet de l’Unité Interactions moléculaires Flavivirus-Hôtes de l’Institut Pasteur de Paris.

Résumé de la conférence : “Study of vector/host/pathogen interactions: new ways to fight against vector-borne diseases”

To successfully implement strategies to block effective viral transmission, further knowledge of virus/vector/host interactions is required. We are currently developing functional genomic approaches (proteomics, RNAi interference) of the interaction between Aedes mosquitoes and arboviruses like chikungunya, dengue) in the midgut and salivary glands of mosquitoes that are key steps to effective transmission in the vertebrate. Studies in this field may identify new genes and possible targets based on the vector for altering arbovirus transmission. Moreover, we have shown that saliva of mosquitoes influences transmission of Rift Valley fever virus. We therefore intend to better understand the mechanisms implied in this facilitation by using mice models of arboviral diseases (Ross River and Rift Valley fever viruses). In this purpose, we intend to determine the role of saliva: -i- on viral tropism, -ii- on early immune reactions at the site of bite, and -iii- on delayed pathologies (neurological symptoms, arthritis) in mice, using wild-type or reporter viruses.

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Lieu : ENS LYON site Monod, coté enseignement, Amphi K.

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