EvoDemo2018: 5ème colloque de la Société de Démographie Evolutionniste


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du 8 janvier 2018 au 10 janvier 2018 /

L’objectif de la conférence EvoLyon est de réunir les chercheurs dans le domaine de l'évolution afin de stimuler des coopérations – notamment entre spécialistes de différents domaines scientifiques.

EvoDemo2018: 5th annual meeting of the Evolutionary Demography Society

8-10 January 2018

The Evolutionary Demography Society will be holding its 5th Annual meeting on January 8th to 10th at the University of Lyon 1, France. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to share scientific research, and to participate in related skills workshops, related to how demographic processes influence evolution and how evolution shapes the demographic properties of organisms across the tree of life. We especially welcome those who will be attending the EvoDemo Society meeting for the first time. Programs of previous meetings can be found here.

The meeting will start on Monday 8th at 2pm. A welcome buffet will be available from noon.
The meeting will close on Wednesday 10th after lunch.
Note that possible workshops (see below) might take place in the afternoon.

Workshop: There is a possibility for organizing two workshops Wednesday 10th in the afternoon. If you wish to organize a workshop, please contact: Jean-Michel Gaillard (

Full details on the programme are available here.

All participants are invited to give lightening talks (5 minutes + 2 minutes questions) and to provide a poster. It is possible to give a talk without bringing any poster (and vice-versa). Longer talks (20 minutes + 5 minutes questions) will be given by keynote speakers (see here).


The number of participants will be limited to 100. Registrations will be closed once this threshold will be reached.

NEW DEADLINE:  registration and abstract submission will close November the 1st.

The EvoDemo Society is composed of a large proportion of energetic and innovative early career researchers. To honor their involvement in the Society and to highlight their excellence in research, we will present the first EvoDemoS Early Career Award for both the best talk and the best poster.


Jean-Michel Gaillard, Jean-François Lemaître & Victor Ronget
Laboratoire "Biométrie et Biologie Evolutive", UMR CNRS 5558, Université Lyon 1

Lieux : 
Domaine Saint Joseph

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