Sminaire du Laboratoire MAP : Pr. Rosenshine

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le 27 octobre 2014 /

27 octobre 2014 10h30

Le 27 octobre 2014, le Pr Ilan Rosenshine du Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, The hebrew University of Jerusalem, (Israel) ( donnera une conférence sur “The stealth strategy of enteropathogenic E. coli”.

Il parlera notamment de la façon dont les bactéries utilisent les effecteurs TTSS pour moduler les deux principales voies de signalisation de l’immunité innée : la kinase MAP et NF-kB.

A propos des travaux du Pr. Rosenshine :
The group of Pr. Rosenshine investigates the molecular cross-talk between pathogenic bacteria and mammalian host cells. The host employ intricate array of systems to neutralize, eliminate and kill the intruding bacteria. In response, pathogens make use of their virulence machinery to evade and interfere with the host defences and to attack the host cells. Key virulence machinery is a surface organelle termed type III protein secretion system (TTSS). The TTSS is a nano-syringe, employed by pathogens to inject into the host cell a battery of proteins termed “effectors”. The injected effectors function in concert to subvert host processes to benefit the pathogen. Pr. Rosenshine focuses mainly on entropathogenic E. coli (EPEC) and it’s TTSS, which is essential for virulence and one of the best studied TTSSs.

Pr. Rosenshine will talk about how the bacteria employ TTSS effector to modulate the two main innate immune signaling pathways; MAP kinase and NF-kB. In addition he will relate it to the dynamics of effector translocation.

Lieu : Salle de réunion UMR 5240, bâtiment. LWOFF, Campus LyonTech La Doua

Contact : Xavier Charpentier,