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ECOFECT at a glance...

Infectious diseases remain a major cause of mortality in the world and are a problem for the management of wild fauna and domestic animals. They still represent a threat to human societies.

Global changes, including habitat fragmentation, animals translocation, climate change and increasing urbanization introduce significant uncertainty about the future impact of these diseases.

The aim of ECOFECT is to better understand dynamics of infectious diseases:
to better manage infections,
to deploy innovative methods of fight,
to mobilize this knowledge for the understanding of dynamics and evolution of populations and communities.


ECOFECT gathers about 150 researchers of different disciplinary areas (virology, immunology, bacteriology, molecular biology, epidemiology, genetics and populations genomics, molecular evolution, ecology, clinical medicine) and methodological fields ((bio)mathematics, (bio)informatics).

Its ambition is to promote innovative fight strategies by putting the pathogen in the complexity of its environment. Nowadays, this aspect is crucial because environmental changes are turning upside down the world epidemiological landscape.

ECOFECT relies on the modern tools of molecular virology and microbiology, on the most advanced methodologies and technologies in modeling, bioinformatics, "omics" analyses and imagery, on the new high-tech tools to monitor animals populations (biologging) etc. and on the collaboration between experimentation and field studies.