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The education program will address the urgent need to bridge the gap between different disciplines which make up the ECOFECT LabEx, for an integrated understanding of infectious diseases.

Teaching at master and doctorate levels will be based on the expertise of each community and will offer new entry to other scientific areas at the international level and towards socio-economic actors.

Specific master courses will be created, or for those that already exist strengthened, to initiate each community into the concepts, methods and limits of each other.

International development will be supported with specific funds dedicated to exchanges with foreign partner universities.

In order to promote dialog between academic and socio-economic worlds and to facilitate technology and know-how transfers. Industrial partners will be invited to give lectures to master and PhD students.

Many partnerships already exist between ECOFECT teams and private healthcare and environmental sciences companies. For example, engineering masters have developed strong interactions with socio-economic partners in the Rhône-Alpes Region and abroad. ECOFECT will reinforce these links.

The original multidisciplinary background of ECOFECT coupled to the mastery of innovative concepts and techniques should increase the attractiveness of teaching and develop employment opportunities for students.

Leaders of the education work-package