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Evaluation et modélisation des effets thérapeutiques

UMR 5558

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Laboratoire de Biométrie et Biologie Evolutive (LBBE)
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Responsable d'équipe : François Gueyffier

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The “Evaluation and Modelling of the Therapeutic Effects” (EMET) team joined UMR5558 in 2007, to conduct ambitious projects in pharmacology modelling, coupled with innovative disease modelling. The main domains of expertise include cardiovascular prevention (statins, blood pressure lowering and antidiabetic drugs, stroke), cancer (angiogenesis, PK of chemotherapy encapsulated in red cells), infectious disease (modelling of antiHPV vaccine impact, immune disorders in septic shock, translation of PK-PD antibiotic adult models into children applications, tuberculosis and its treatment, identification of new viruses and immune phenomena involved in cardiovascular diseases). The aims in building PK-PD and disease models, and running them in individuals of virtual populations, are to simulate different therapeutic strategies, to optimize their public health impact, but also to discover and test in silico new potential drug targets, or to understand complex multifactorial mechanisms such as antibiotic resistance. This new paradigm represents a high potential for biotechnology SMEs as well as big pharmaceutical companies. Our EMET team originated  NovaDiscovery company, owner of licences in therapeutic innovation. The EMET team is a member of IXXI (Institute of Complex Systems) and EIBSM (European Institute for Systemic Biology and Medicine). EMET is in charge of a European platform for simulating clinical trials in rare disease, to help in choosing the optimal experimental design (CRESIM, FP7).

Mots clés : Modélisation en pharmacologie, Physiopathologie, Santé publique, Choc septique, Vaccins, Tuberculose, Populations virtuelles réalistes.


Modélisation en pharmacologie, physiopathologie et santé publique
Choc septique

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