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Governing bodies

The Ecofect LabEx is coordinated by Dominique Pontier, Professor at the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and François-Loïc Cosset, CNRS Research Director and Director of the CIRI (International Center in Infectiology Research).  Ecofect governing bodies include an Executive Committee and a Steering Committee, that are assisted by a Scientific Advisory Board and a Strategic Advisory Board.  


Executive Committee

Prof. Dominique Pontier
Biometry and Evolutive Biology Institute (LBBE) - UMR CNRS 5558

Dr. François-Loïc Cosset
International Center in Infectiology Research (CIRI) - UMR Inserm U1111, CNRS 5308, UCBL, ENS-Lyon

Project Manager
Dr. Isabelle Weiss

Assistant Project Manager
Charlotte Streicher

Steering Commitee

The Steering Committee is responsible for the scientific proposals, for the research, teaching and training activities, as well as for the LabEx communication and valorization actions. He is responsible for the validation of the selected research projects and supports the LabEx teams wishing to submit a collaborative project.

It is composed of the two LabEx co-directors (D. Pontier et FL. Cosset), the Project Manager (I. Weiss),  and of ten PIs, leaders of the different research, teaching and dissemination axes (P. André, S. Baize, B. Boussau, A. Böckmann, M. Dreux, MA Laaberki, JF Lemaître, R. Mahieux, MF Sagot, F. Vavre).

Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is supporting the LabEx by providing advices in the research, teaching and valorization actions. It provides an external perspective on the implementation of the project and offers specific guidance to the Steering Committee.

It is composed of 5 internationally renowned scientists, all having very different profiles to cover the multiple scientific aspects of the LabEx.


Yannis Michalakis

President of the Scientific Advisory Board
MIGEVEC Institute, CNRS, University of Montpellier (France)


Toni Gabaldon-Estevan

Comparative Genomics team, Center for Genomics Regulation, Barcelona (Spain)


Sarah Reece

School of Biological Sciences, University of Edinburgh (UK)


Rick Maizels

Welcome Trust Center for Molecular Parasitology, University of Glasgow (UK)


Didier Trono

Laboratory of Virology and Genetics, School of Life Sciences, Ecole polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Suisse)


Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board is in charge of the scientific and strategic orientations of LabEx Ecofect.

It is composed of representatives from the different institutions and organisms partners of the Ecofect LabEx (UCBL, CNRS, Inserm, ENS Lyon, Inra, Inria, Hospices Civils de Lyon, VetAgroSup, Institut Pasteur et Fondation Mérieux) and by one representative from the Technology Innovation Institute in Microbiology BioAster.

Led by a representative from the University of Lyon, it meets every two years at minima (and more frequently if necessary).