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Job offers

Post-doctoral position in Virology - Ecofect team of François-Loïc Cosset (CIRI, Lyon)

The team EVIR – Enveloped viruses, Vectors and Immunotherapy – at CIRI is welcoming applications from enthusiastic and independent post-doctoral candidates to participate to join research projects on cellular and molecular aspects of assembly and cell entry of HBV particles, interconnection with cellular pathways and mechanisms of HDV/HBV co-infection.
The position is available for three years.

Candidates are invited to contact François-Loïc Cosset (flcosset @ for further details. Please send an application with the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Concise summary of previous research activities
  • Curriculum vitae including publication list and contact details for 2-3 referees

Download the detailed job offer

Post-doc or PhD position in Viro-immunology - Ecofect team of Marlène Dreux (CIRI, Lyon)

Marlène Dreux is inviting applications from enthusiastic post-doctoral candidates (2-year position) or PhD student (3-year position) to participate in a project supported by the French National Agency (ANR JCJC).

The research program centers on the innate immune response against viral infection. Type I interferons (IFN-I) are first line of defense molecules to protect the host against viral infections. The most robust IFN-I producer cell type is the plasmacytoid dendritic cell (pDC). Here, we aim at defining: how the pDCs sensing infected cells and control viral infection.

Please send one PDF file to Marlene Dreux (marlene.dreux @ containing the following:
  • cover letter (with short statement of the research interests)
  • concise summary of previous research training
  • curriculum vitae including publication list and contact details for 2-3 referees

Application deadline: 15th March 2020

Download the detailed job offer