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Outreach events for school pupils and general public

The Ecofect LabEx is participating to many outreach events where our scientists are sharing their research findings with school pupils and the public at large.

You can discover below some of our latest events...

Pop'Sciences Festival organised by the University of Lyon - 17 & 18 May 2019

Following its participation to the launch in 2017 of the Pop'Science Festival in Lyon, Ecofect has participated again to the 2019 edition. This cultural and scientific outreach event gathered, during two days (17-18 May 2019), 150 researchers and 80 scientific mediators to offer an exciting and interactive event at the heart of 'La Duchère' area of Lyon. The Duchère market place became an open sky research laboratory for the time of a festival !

Pop' Sciences website

Outreach event at the Elementary School 'Jean Moulin' in Caluire - 19 December 2017

The LabEx Ecofect together with the LabEx Cortex, DevWeCan, Lio and Primes spent one day in the Elementary School Jean Moulin to propose a scientific animation to children from all grades.
The animation was based on a giant goose game on which pupils had to compete in teams answering scientific questions from the research themes of our 5 LabEx.
A colorful animation that delighted children and teachers and helped raise awareness of the world of scientific research.


Pop'Sciences Festival organised by the University of Lyon - 16 & 17 June 2017

The LabEx Ecofect participated in collaboration with the LabEx Cortex, DevWeCan, Milyon, Lio and Primes at the launch of the Pop'Sciences internet portal during two festive days at the Sergent Blandan Park in Lyon. This web portal was developed by the Culture, Science and Society Department of the University of Lyon with the aim of offering the general public a quick access to: i) an agenda of outreach events offered by University of Lyon (members and associates); ii) a collection of resources and media produced by local institutions, laboratories, researchers ... (videos, research thematic documents, articles, podcasts, ...); iii) outreach tools for schools and a presentation of the institution's heritage and museum collections.
It was two exceptional days of conferences, debates, workshops, exhibitions, games, ... to think together tomorrow's research. An unprecedented and popular exploration of scientific research ... where the Blandan Park becomes, during a festival, a veritable open-air laboratory!

The LabEx Cortex, DevWeCan, Ecofect, Milyon, Lio and Primes have proposed a giant goose game to a public of all ages. To progress on this goose game, you had to correctly answer questions from research themes coming from our different LabEx. A game that had a lot of success among youngs and adults!

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Ecofect was partner of the launch evening for the application 'LudoAppli' - 8 March 2016

The scientific game LudoViro addresses all questions the general public can have on the research conducted on viral infectious diseases and their prevention.

LudoViro is a collaborative board game to be played from 6 years old with a minimum of 3 players. 24 areas of infectious diseases are discussed during a game. Many tests and questions to learn, discover or revise our knowledge on the prevention of infectious diseases, the immune system, the current medical & technology advances.

The LudoViro game is born from the collaboration between Isabelle Grosjean, Inserm researcher & expert in cell culture, and Nancy Eps Willkomm, leader of the company Nowaids, expert in microbiology and communication.
Two women scientists who celebrated the launch of their serious game in its digital version on March 8, 2016 on the occasion of the Women's Day, at the Ninkasi Kao at Lyon Gerland during an evening full of surprises.

This "serious game" required until now the presence of an animator, with a scientific background. On July 9, 2015, 122 KissBankers answered the call of LudoVirion and Dr. Jumpy to virtualize the scientific animator LudoViro. On March 8, 2016, the LabEx Ecofect was a partner in the launch evening of the LudoAppli application, the result of eight months of work.

Ludo Viro website