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PhD programs

Ecofect's training program answers the urgent need to bridge the gap between the different disciplinary fields of the LabEx, for an integrated study and understanding of infectious diseases. PhD level education is based on the expertise of each Ecofect scientific community while offering an opening to other scientific fields, international collaborations and oriented towards socio-economic stakeholders. In order to promote interactions between the academic and socio-economic worlds and to facilitate technical & know-how transfer, industrial partners are invited to give lectures to PhD students. Numerous partnerships exist between Ecofect teams and companies in the health or environmental sciences R&D sector. Ecofect's genuine multidisciplinary background coupled with an expertise on the development of innovative concepts and techniques ensures a great education attractiveness for students and promising employment opportunities.

The Ecofect Labex is mainly linked to 3 Doctoral Schools. These Doctoral Schools are part of the 17 Doctoral Schools of the University of Lyon.

Doctoral School in Ecosystems, Evolution, Modelling, Microbiology - E2M2

The training offers of the E2M2 Doctoral School (Ecosystems, Evolution, Modelling, Microbiology) is grounded on an evolutionary, populational and ecological vision, open to a formal approach to biological and palaeobiological systems. The research teams belonging to the E2M2 Doctoral School are working within the following interdisciplinary scientific domains:
  • Paleoenvironments and evolution
  • Micro-organisms, interactions, infections
  • Evolutive biology, Biology of Populations, Ecophysiology
  • Biomath-Bioinfo-Evolutive genomics
  • Ecology of communities, Ecosystem functioning, Ecotoxicology
The E2M2 Doctoral School is linked to 12 Mixed Research Units (UMR) related to Scientific and Technical Institutions (EPST) and one Unit from ANSES. The affiliated educational institutions are Lyon 1 University , INSA-Lyon, ENS-Lyon, together with VetAgro-Sup, ANSES, and IRSTEA.

Director:  Philippe Normand
Co-director: Sylvie Reverchon-Pescheux
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Doctoral School in Molecular, Integrative and Cellular Biology - BMIC

The BMIC Doctoral School (Molecular, Integrative and Cellular Biology) encompasses a broad field of investigation in the biological science domain. It brings together a hundred of research teams working for a better understanding of biological processes, from the regulation of gene expression to an integrative view of biological phenomena.
The originality of the BMIC Doctoral School is characterized by the wish to integrate biological mechanisms into functional questions, and to confront, as much as possible, healthy and pathological situations - more information on the BMIC related scientific domains. Thanks to the large number of HDRs working in its laboratories, the Doctoral School guarantees a high quality supervision to each of its doctoral students. The BMIC Doctoral School is one of the 4 Doctoral School in Biology. It benefits from the scientific expertise and professional network of the two affiliated educational institutions: Lyon 1 University and ENS-Lyon.
The BMIC Doctoral School is linked to 17 research units.

Director : Françoise Monéger
Co-director: Mathias Faure
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Science & Health Interdisciplinary Doctoral School - EDISS

The EDISS Doctoral School (Science & Health Interdisciplinary) gathers a large proportion of the labs and scientists in the field of health and applied biomedical research from the Lyon / St-Etienne site. EDISS Doctoral School is one of the first French Doctoral Schools to have an original position between Sciences and Health. The 5 thematics, that provide a genuine interdisciplinary character to the Doctoral School, include experimental sciences such as:
  • biochemistry
  • physiology
  • biomedical engineering
  • biotechologies
  • human and social sciences (STAPS, management science in health economics and public health)
EDISS Doctoral School's objective is to offer to its PhD students a high quality training in and through research and to support them in their career development. EDISS is based on the research activities of 16 Mixed Research Units (UMR) associated with CNRS, INSERM or IFSTTAR, 12 research teams belong to Lyon 1 University, 2 teams to VetAgro-Sup, 1 team to ANSES and 2 teams to the International Center for Cancer Research. This stimulating environment, deployed on the various campuses of the Lyon-Saint-Etienne University, offers a particularly rich and conducive research framework. EDISS Doctoral School also benefits from the scientific expertise and professional network of the two affiliated educational institutions, Lyon 1 University and INSA-Lyon; and its associated institution VetAgro-Sup, that ensure the best supervision for its PhD students.
Director: Emmanuelle Canet-Soulas
Co-director: Sylvie Ricard-Blum
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