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'Proof of Concept' Projects

Ecofect aims to decipher the functioning of infectious diseases from molecular mechanisms to dynamic and evolutive processes within populations, communities of hosts or infectious agents. The LabEx long-term goal is to propose new innovative fighting strategies to better control infections from the individual level to host populations. Thanks to the 'Proof of concepts' (POC) call for propoals (now closed), Ecofect wanted to support advanced projects consolidating existing scientific data and technological expertise and having a genuine potential for translational applications. The three following POC projects have started in 2017:


The NANOBLADES project develops an innovative protocol allowing the delivery of CRISPR / Cas9 machinery by pseudo viral particles.

Project leaders:
Théophile Ohlmann & Emiliano Ricci - CIRI, Lyon
Els Verhoeyen, François-Loïc Cosset - CIRI, Lyon

Contact: Théophile Ohlmann - Email


The MOVEPAC project develops a stable and immunogenic vaccine based on the use of a Mopeia disabled arenavirus.

Project leaders:
Sylvain Baize - CIRI, Pasteur Institute, Lyon
Hervé Raoul - P4 Jean Mérieux Laboratory, Lyon

Contact: Sylvain Baize - Email

ViroStop Project

The ViroStop project develops anti-fusion peptide inhibitors against the measles virus.  

Project leaders:
Branka Horvat - CIRI, Lyon
Matteo Porotto - Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA

Contact: Branka Horvat - Email