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Public conferences & Debates

Dissemination of Ecofect's research achievements is performed through the organisation of regular public conferences and debates, dedicated to a lay audience and where everyone is welcome.

Come and participate to one of these events to discover the everyday challenges of our researchers and clinicians when developing new strategies to fight against infectious diseases. This is an opportunity to ask all your questions!

Public conference organised by Ecofect on the role of the gut microbiotia on our health - October 2016

We have been able to welcome numerous participants on that evening to debate around the role of the gut microbiota on our health and food consumption. If our gut microbiota (all bacteria present in our gut) is involved in the digestion process, could it possibly manipulate our food consumption behaviors?

The debate was animated by Fabrice Vavre, Research Director at the Biometry and Evolutive Biology Laboratory (LBBE, UMR CNRS 5558,  Lyon 1 University / Ecofect).

The event took place on October 14th, 2016 at the Caravansérail Café in Villeurbanne, within the framework of the local Science Festival.


Public conference on the Ebola outbreak - Ecofect researchers are telling us about their mission in Guinea - October 2015

What is the status of the Ebola outbreak? Is the local population correctly informed? How is Ebola diagnosed? What are the working conditions of researchers and caregivers on site?  Where are we on the development of treatments? Is there an propagation risk to France ?
So many questions that the public has been able to ask to the Ecofect researchers who spent several weeks on mission in Africa. An exhibition of the pictures taken by the scientists during thier mission in Guinea was presented on that evening.

This conference was animated by Patrick Lécine (Technology Research Institute - BIOASTER), Olivier Reynard, (Inserm Researcher - CIRI, Ecofect), Stéphanie Reynard (Lab technician - CIRI, Ecofect) et Sébastien Buthion (CNRS Rhône Auvergne).

Event organised at the Café de la Cloche in Lyon by Ecofect in collaboration with the CNRS Rhône Auvergne, within the framework of the local Science Festival 2015 (6 Octobre 2015).

Ecofect was part of the Researchers' Night event - September 2015

The Researchers' Night event is taking place in more than 300 European cities simultaneously. This event is an unique opportunity for the public and scientists to meet in a relax way. The event was organised in Lyon by the Science & Society Department of the University of Lyon. Far from the institutional setting, in an unusual place, scientists from all disciplines were invited to show their activities in a fun and attractive way to the public.

Jean-François Lemaître, CNRS Researcher from the Biometry and Evolutive Biology Laboratory of the Ecofect LabEx has participated to a scientific speed-dating. During this public animation, several researchers have 5 min to present their research activities to a small group of participants. After 5 min, the group is heading to another researcher, from another discipline.

The 2015 Researchers' Night has been organised on the 25th of September on the Vaulx-en-Velin campus.