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Science Festival 2020 - Come & participate to the Ecofect game!

On The October 3, 2020


Médiathèque du Bachut
Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon
2, place du 11 Novembre 1918
69008 Lyon
04 78 78 12 12

Let's meet around a game created by the Ecofect Laboratory of Excellence to have a fun while learning more about the “good” bacteria that we have in our gut, but also on the skin or in the mouth: What are these bacteria? Where do they come from? What is their role?… So many questions that we will try to answer all together.

Board game for 6 children from 9 to 12 years old and their parents.

Game created and led by Dominique Pontier (University professor & co-director of the Ecofet Labex), David Fouchet (Lecturer) et Isabelle Weiss (Ecofect Project manager).

Wait a little longer...registrations will soon open...

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